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Listen to the stunning sound of our crystal singing bowls

Showcasing the stunning resonance of our beautiful Perfect Pitch crystal singing bowls and pyramids, select any video below to hear the sound of each size that we have to offer from our workshop. Our crystal singing bowls are known for holding their tuning and long lasting resonance.


We've been wanting to have these videos available for some time and are so excited to finally be able to show you each and every size and chakra bowl we have to offer now so that you can see and hear what it is your purchasing. 

Simply click the videos below to hear the sound of each one of the Chakra notes we have available. We have all Chakras available in all sizes from 6 inch bowls all the way up to 14 inch bowls.

Throat Chakra - 10 inch

Root Chakra - 14 inch

Solar Plexus Chakra - 12 inch

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