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Hear Our Customer's Stories


We use only Independent Review sites for our customer's feedback because we want everyone to know that any rave reviews we receive are 100% legitimate and fairly represent how awesome we personally know our sound healing products are! So the most respected and widely used independent review space we could think of is the Google Reviews space so you can authenticate any of the reviews you see here by following the link to our Official Google Review Page.

Samantha May Oracle Shop Crystal Singing bowls nz_edited.jpg

Samantha May, Auckland - July, 2021


The BEST crystal bowls in NZ at the most affordable price. Dave is so friendly and helpful through every step of the process. He makes these divine tools accessible for kiwis and the quality is second to none. I have made several crystal bowl purchases and use them at my sound healing events which I tour across the North Island of NZ. They have really activated  and elevated myt work in such a powerful way. I will definitely be making more purchases in the future.

Jess Pearson - Auckland, NZ   August 2021

I purchased the 8-14 inch Chakra Perfect Pitch Set from the Oracle Shop, and I am in LOVE!

The bowls play beautifully and look incredible.

11. CHAKRA -A7302049.jpg
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