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Buying crystal singing bowls - Tip # 2


We thought it was necessary to share this tip as we've come across this issue through some of our customers sharing their stories about how they eventually came to us. And after a small amount of research we found them to be absolutely right. So as the title goes for this one, don't believe the wholesale hype when looking at places to buy your crystal singing bowl in NZ.

Why, you might ask?

You might remember a wee post we did a while ago talking about how over 95% of the world's crystal singing bowls are made in China and we talked about how because of this mostly unknown fact, it wasn't what country your bowl was manufactured in that mattered ( because unless your paying thousands per bowl it would most probably be manufactured in China ) but what manufacturer in China that was most important. And we went on to talk a little about how we're very fortunate to have our very own manufacturer which allows us to quality control each and every bowl we order and supply our customers and also helps us to track that quality so that it remains the same no matter what.

This to our knowledge is unlike anywhere else in NZ and is a large part of why people from all over Aotearoa come to us when they're wanting high quality crystal singing bowls.

What our customers have shared with us now and what we have found ourselves through our research is that certain retailers in New Zealand and also certain "wholesalers" have been selling their bowls at the same price as most retail outlets and online stores but telling people that these are wholesale prices and the bowls can be sold on for 80-100% more retail.

So what does this do?

This gives people the impression that their crystal singing bowls are of a much greater quality and value than the crystal singing bowls being sold at retail outlets for the same price. These "wholesale" sellers may also add in that they sell to most retail outlets in NZ in order to give the impression that their crystal singing bowls are revered throughout the country. In fact, one of our customers told us that a certain vendor explained they sold their crystal singing bowls to The Oracle Shop NZ - which we explained to be completely untrue and is part of the reason why we did some research around this topic. Our whole purpose is to help people avoid situations and retailers just like this which is why we felt we needed to understand what was going on here before we could share it with you all.

So what does this mean?

Simply put it means that these retailers pertaining to be wholesalers are attempting to inflate the value of their crystal singing bowls through misinformation. The added unfortunate aspect of this is that the quality of their crystal singing bowls can suffer greatly as well as they seek to import the cheapest singing bowls so that they can make the most amount of profit while inflating their value.

Now don't get me wrong, this can be through simple lack of awareness of crystal singing bowls and sound healing rather than necessarily nefarious intentions. There are a lot of retailers of crystal singing bowls that believe they are essentially all the same if they come from China and therefore cheaper is better for them. Unfortunately, as this is not the case, by inflating the bowls they sell through marketing means such as "wholesale" prices, unsuspecting customers are buying bowls that are not worth the retail price they are paying and definitely don't hold the value the retailer suggest they have.

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