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Celebrating Our Own Kiwi Healers

Over the years we have met so many incredible sound healers from all over our beautiful Aotearoa. The love of our crystal sing bowls has brought us together and it's through their support of us that we are able to continue to bring the world of sound healing to Kiwis everywhere. So now we feel it's no better time to give back and show our we support to them too.

So we put a call out to all of these awesome sound healers to share a little bit about themselves so that we can give them a platform to reach our community. This page will continue to be updated as we add more and more healers and practitioners to this ever growing community.


All over our beautiful Aotearoa there are incredible yoga studios, sound healers and practitioners that you can access in your region and this page is all about giving them a platform for you to discover them. You never know, there may be one right around the corner from you that you'd never have known was there before. 


In one way or another they have all connected with The Oracle Shop and use our crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums and chakra sets in their practices, bringing the healing sounds of these wonderful instruments along with their own unique gift of healing and performance to Kiwis New Zealand wide.

This is exactly what The Oracle Shop was created for - to bring sound healing to New Zealand.


We celebrate all of these incredible practitioners and hope that you too can have the chance to experience their work as well.

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Crystal Tones ® New Zealand

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A yoga and sound healing practitioner based in Auckland, Cheryl Farthing has been using our beautiful chakra set of frosted quartz singing bowls for her sound bath healing retreats for some time now in conjunction with the incredible Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls, creating powerful sound healing experiences for all that attend her workshops.

And now, after recently becoming New Zealand's Distributor of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls ®, arguably the best Alchemy crystal singing bowls on the planet, Cheryl is sharing the incredible tones of these stunning bowls to Aotearoa.


Crystal Tones ® Alchemy Singing Bowls are made using a patented quartz fusion technology that creates a stable crystalline matrix structure in every bowl. Fired with an alchemical fusion of precious metals, gems, crystal and rare earths. Extraordinarily resonant, they are heard not just in the ears but in the whole body. Beautiful and unique, they are musical tools of sonic healing intentionally made and perfect for personal healing and wellness professionals. 

For more information you can contact Cheryl directly on 0274760067 or visit

The Yoga Studio

Arise उठना Sound Healing

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Sound healer Taylor Kirk was born and raised on a farm in Gisborne, New Zealand and grew up surrounded by nature and a musical lifestyle.

In midyear 2021, Taylor launched ‘Arise उठना Sound Healing’ and now explores new territory by facilitating multicultural sound healing journeys as well as sound baths. Taylor uses our 432Hz Quartz crystal singing bowl Chakra sets for his sound healing ceremonies in conjunction with other instruments.


He has expanded his creations and musical knowledge with healing instruments such as; Native American flutes, Taonga Pūoro, Tibetan bowls, Didgeridoo, Crystal quartz singing bowls, Djembe, and more.


By infusing cultural diversity in a ceremonial container, Taylor's loving intention is to offer the world togetherness and unconditional love through a Multicultural Sound Healing Journey.

The sacred ancestral vibrations are expressed in love to empower one's self-discovery of past lives and the divine essence that they truly are.

If you would like to get in touch with Taylor & Arise Sound Healing, here are his contact details below:




Samantha May - Sound Alchemy

Samantha May at the oracle shop nz.jpg

Samantha has shared her unique Sound Alchemy all over Aotearoa with the intention to raise the vibrational frequency of the collective.


Bringing over 20 years of musical experience, she works with crystal singing bowls, voice and other shamanic instruments to awaken individuals into a deep remembrance of their true essence and highest potential.

Samantha travels each month sharing her sound journeys in different locations across the north island of NZ and collaborates occasionally with other healers at workshops, festivals and retreats.

You can get in touch with Samantha via her website


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